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Feb 17, 2010 at 05:56 AM

invoice printing issue



in a sales order, we have two line items with different material. for both the line items, the condition typeZPR2 is determined. it is an item condition. In the pricing procedure, a capital X is marked against the condition.

The issue is in invoice print out, the two lines are printed but the total of the two line items at the footer of the prinout is missing.

the prorammers are saying the total at footer are not coming since condition ZPr2 has X in print column in pricing procedure. so it means condition is printed at item level and so will not be available at footer level.

is this ok.I could not understand the print function from sap help. my question are:

1) are the above facts true. if there is an X against the condition type, the data cannot be printed at footer level indicating the total of the two line items in the invoice ?

2) For "total" to be indicated at footer of invoice printout, do we need to define the "total" in the pricing procedure too and add up the two line items in the pricing procedure or can we do it directly in the form instead of defining "total" in the pricing procedure .

3) how does Capital X works in the pricing procedure. is there any link between X and the smartform printing.