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Former Member
Feb 16, 2010 at 05:21 PM

Depreciation Key for Capital Leasehold Improvement


Hi Everyone

I need your help in creating the depreciation key for the Capital leasehold improvemnet assets. I need to specify a specific percentage rate for each period of the first year to calculate depreciation (if asset is acquired in period 1, rate x. If asset is acquired in period 2, then rate y and so on). From year 2-39, it is a constant rate of depreciation.

I created a multilevel method by specifying that year 1, base level 01, rate is 2.461

Year 39, base level 01, rate is 2.564.

I assigned it to the depreciation key with Base method 0012, Period control 002, and the multilevel method that I created. When I post an asset acquisition and use this key for Asset, the amounts for year 1 & 2 are not correct. Second year is taking part of percentage from the first year and the first year is trying to calculate the depreciation for the whole year despite the fact that asset was capitalized in February.

Can someone help me with step-by-step details to create this key?

I appreciate your help.