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Feb 16, 2010 at 04:16 PM

BAFF Format - Bank of America Format - Any SAP program to generate it


One of customers have a requirement to make electronic payments to vendors. The DME file should be in Bank of America format (BAFF).

The guide reads :

Welcome to the STP Guide for the BAFF Payment file format. This guide has been customized to provide information related to the

specific countries and transaction types your company has requested.

Bank of America provides electronic data interchange services to clients as a means of effecting payments and collecting funds via direct debit. Clients have the opportunity to realise the benefits of STRAIGHT THROUGH PROCESSING (STP), by applying both

standard and Bank of America defined formats and keywords.

STP has been developed at Bank of America as a result of significant systems investment over many years. The formats are almost entirely based upon industry-accepted formats. However, a few keywords have been especially designated by Bank of America to enable clients to effectively communicate their funds transfer routing requirements. Our Clientu2019s adherence to the use of these keywords ensures the maximum opportunity to realise the benefits of STP whilst accessing a wide range of clearing systems and diverse funds transfer and collection services available through Bank of America.

I have tried with program RFFOUS_T - Payment Medium USA - Transfers/Bank Direct Debits in ACH Format. The output generated is no where near to the format.

Does anyone know whether SAP supports such format or any program that will help to generate the DME file from the payment run ?


Santosh Puthran