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Feb 16, 2010 at 10:04 AM

Suggestion for coding problem.


I need to write a program which does the following:

Runs in background

Reads all files for a particular directory on the presentation server (Drive Z:\, for example). What FM?

Upload each of the files from the list given above and process them. What FM to use for uploading?

Once processed, I need to move each processed file to an archived directory, again on the presentation server. What FM's can I use?

I have done this before but all files were held on application server (Unix), read from there and also archioved to there as well. That was easy, but the presentation server gives more challenges.

When running an ABAP program in background can the presentation server be accessed in this manner?. When I say presentation server I mean a local Network drive.

Can anyone be of help?.


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