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Feb 16, 2010 at 10:00 AM

Automatic sold-to-party determination


Hi All,

I am trying to automatically determine SP(sold-to-Party) in transaction crm_dno_monitor. My ERP system is 200 and solman is 800 now when I create support message from 200 or 800 everything works fine except for SP is not automatically determined.

To make it work I have used T-code: DSWP and created Ibase and in IB52 I have assigned a BP (extended to SP) to I base-header and in partner function I have assigned standard access seq - 0018 SAP SERVICE:Determination via IBase / Ind. object from Ref.Object. However, despite of all these config. I have failed.

I have already read all earlier posts but it hasn't worked for me. I need your help to figure out the missing config.