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Feb 16, 2010 at 09:34 AM

Range of Coverage in Time phased planning in IS-R


Hi, we are running an ECC 6 system (EhP4) and are using standard F&R in the core components. We want to use time phased replenishment planning but have an issue with regard to the range of coverage calculation. Consider the following example:

I have a product that I plan daily, M - F and which is also delivered by the vendor on a daily basis. If I order from the vendor on Monday, I can expect the product to be available at the receiving site on Wednesday morning. Let's say that my forecast requirement is steady at 100 units per day. When I run planning on Monday, I need to order sufficient stocks so that there is enough stock to last until Tuesday's order is delivered (on Thursday). Since I need 100 units per day, then I need to order 300 units (100 each based on forecast sales of 100 per day on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday).

However, when we execute the planning run, the order quantity will actually be 400, since it will include the 100 that are required for Thursday, even though we expect another delivery that day. It seems that the standard system there is no way to indicate whether the following delivery day should be considered in the calculation or not. (Here it is always assumed that stock is delivered to the store before the trading day begins). Simply modifying the planning calendar will not work either, since no matter what day planning is done, the requirements for the following delivery day will also be included. This results in a situation where there is effectively always one additional day's stock requirements on hand. For perishables and short shelf life products this is a significant issue.

Does anyone know of a way to ignore the requirement for the subsequent delivery date in the requirements calculation?