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Feb 15, 2010 at 08:09 PM

Date format from Designer to Viewer


Problem: I have a line graph showing a change in a value over time. The date fields, in designer, are set to display a format of MMM-yy (i.e. Feb-10).

When the report is viewed in Crystal Viewer, the graph displays the dates in mm/dd/yyyy format.

After googling for a solution I've found that Viewer uses the current user's system settings for date formats. Changing the system settings for all users who will be viewing this report is, in my case, not an acceptable solution.

Attempted fixes:

I've gone to File -> Options -> Fields and set the default format for both Date and Date Time fields to MMM-yy.

I've gone to Format Editor on the date field, selected 'Customize' and selected Custom as the date type, instead of either of the "Windows Default" options, and created the MMM-yy format that I want.

I cannot use the ToText function to forcibly alter the display of the date, because that makes the graph order the dates alphabetically, so I get April, August, December, etc.

Thanks for your help.