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Is there a DB size limit in SAP ASE developer edition (16.0 SP02). Cannot insert any data anymore.


I've recently installed SAP ASE developer edition (16.0 SP02) on Windows Server 2012.

The installation went fine and I could use the DB normally up to a point. Right now, I cannot insert any data into any database (SELECT queries still run fine). INSERT queries, or CREATE TABLE queries hang forever. Restarting the services or machines didn't help. I wonder if there is any limit on the database size in this edition and if so, what it is.

When trying to add more space via Sybase Central (right click on master->Properties->Devices->Add) it no longer let's me do it (the size is set to 236 MB). Previously, when I could add some space, it would revert the settings to some lower figure, than I entered.

I wonder if there indeed is some limitation on the size of DB in this edition, or perhaps there are some settings I should change.

Would appreciate the response.

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    Nov 25, 2016 at 06:44 PM

    According to this chart of ASE edition types there is no limit on db size in the Developer Edition (DE).


    Since write activities are hanging I'm gonna guess a) your database has 'trunc log on chkpt' disabled and b) you have no thresholds/jobs that are periodically truncating your db's transaction log so c) you've filled your transaction log thus d) causing all write activities to go into a suspended state (ie, they 'hang') until the transaction log is cleared. [Another possibility is that you've got a long running transaction that's keeping the transaction log from being truncated, but I'd expect that to be less of an issue if you've bounced the dataserver and still can't perform any write activities in the database.]

    [Assuming the transaction log is full] Upon trying to perform a write operation you should be receiving a message that your write operation is being suspended (though this will depend on whether or not your client/application is masking these types of messages). There should also be messages in the dataserver errorlog to the effect that the db's transaction log has filled.

    If your db's transaction log has filled you can try issue the following in an attempt to clear old pages (ie, free up space) in the transaction log:

    dump transaction <db_name> with truncate_only

    and if that doesn't work you could then try:

    dump transaction <db_name> with no_log


    If you're still having problems performing write operations then I'd suggest a) you review the dataserver's errorlog and b) try using a basic client/application (eg, isql) to perform a write operation (the objective being to see what, if any, messages are generated by the dataserver ... just in case your current client/application is masking any error messages that could explain the issue.).

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