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Exception in the function module "SDOK_PHIO_CREATE"

Hi experts,

I have a really big problem with the described function module. For the testing reason, I have two different SAP systems which are nearly similar. The both using the default Kpro provided by SAP. I'm trying to create "originals" like PDF or txt files in CV01N. But in one system I always receiving an exception at the module "SDOK..." with "Bad_properties". I have absolutely no idea which could cause this behavior. The input parameters are similar in both systems as you can see in the attachment.

I thought the problem is occurring because the input parameter "object_unique_id" is empty. But in both systems the parameter is empty.

What could help me?

Do you think there is a problem in the customizing?

Where would you start the troubleshooting process?

Could there any problem with the DMS_PCD1 Master Class?

Something happens here:

idessystem.jpg (329.1 kB)
prob.jpg (307.0 kB)
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  • For CV01N, you should use BAPI_DOCUMENT_* function modules (*_CHECKIN to load the file). CV01N and these BAPIs are part of the software component CA-DMS. SDOK_* function modules are used by CA-DMS and are part of the KPro, i.e. component BC-SRV-KPR (especially BC-SRV-KPR-DMS).

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