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Feb 15, 2010 at 12:35 PM

Wrong stage in Approval Procedure


Hi All.

Recently, we've upgrade our SBO (2007A) to SP01, PL08 and then we noticed a strage problem regarding Approval Procedures.

Our Approval Procedure Template (for POs) has 2 stages as below:

First stage - st1

Defined Approvals - 2

Required - 1

Second stage - st2

Defined Approvals - 5

Required - 2


1.Document Add, the Approval Procedure takes into action and goes to st1. OWDD: CurrStep = st1, MaxReqr = 1.

2.One of the approvals in st1 approves and document goes to st2. OWDD: CurrStep = st2, MaxReqr = 2.

3.One of the approvals in st2 approves. OWDD: CurrStep = st2, MaxReqr = 2.

and here comes the surprise:

When another user of st2 approvals approves the document, the document does not become Approved, but is still suspended. When checking OWDD, I see that CurrStep = st1, MaxReqr = 2 !!!

SBO had "jumped" the process back to st1, but now it requires (somehow) 2 approvals.

Did anybody see such a behaviour? Do you know any solution?

10x in advance,