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SAP HANA system copy including XSA

Hi experts,

I recently discovered one bug in my XSA application (MTA including one HDB module and several Java modules) that ended up on Production system so before applying the fix I needed to test the fix of that bug on Test system.

Testing the bug fix had to be done on exact same data that was present on Production system.

We are currently on:
SAP HANA version
XSA version

Therefore I used the Export/Import HANA functionality to create CSV files.
The Export/Import option was successful, but it was both time and resource consuming. On top of that, transferring CSV files from one Linux server to another took too much time.
If another bug arises, I will probably need to copy the data again and the duration of this process will take even more time since the data continues to grow on Production system.

Other option that I had in mind is to perform the System copy using Backup/Restore.
I have created a full data backup of Production system and I restored it on a Test system.
The restore itself was successful, and I could see my schema, schema user, schema#OO, schema#DI and all technical and application users that were created during service-application binding.
I also granted myself a necessary role so I can examine the data using SAP Web IDE for SAP HANA database explorer.

I must emphasize that the schema name is strictly specified in mta.yaml file.

The problem I could not solve is that on Test system, my XSA applications have its own service-application binding users, and they do not match the ones that will be restored from Production backup.

Therefore, when I try to deploy my MTA, i receive error similar to this:

Error creating application “db”: Could not bind application “db” to service “db_container” : Asynchronous job ‘Creating service binding between app “db” [orgname…space…] and service instance “db_container” [service: ‘hana’, plan:’hdi-shared’] of [org…space…] failed.
And at the end — Because of: [10] authentication failed.

If I try to undeploy my current MTA, error that I receive during deploy on clean XSA side (no services, apps nor mta deployed) is similar to this:

Error creating services: Controller operation failed: 400 Could not create service “db_container”: Asynchronous job ‘Creating service instance ‘db_container’ [service: ‘hana’, plan:’hdi-shared’] of [Org…,Space…].’ failed
And at the end — Because of: [10] authentication failed.

We tried to specify which users to use during the deploy time but this was not possible.
If my understanding is correct <VCAP_SERVICES> are System Provided services responsible for application credentials and changing those parameters is not allowed.

I had couple of other system copy ideas:

Is this case that I need supported/recommended?
If this is possible, could you please share your opinion on this topic?
Maybe I could not find it in the SAP HANA/XSA documentation.

Best regards,
Ivan Despotovic

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