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Feb 14, 2010 at 06:11 PM

Multiple Strategy Grps for Spike Mgmt



Have a requirement where there is a need to manage specially certain Sales Orders that come in as a "Large Hit". We dont want them to consume the regular Stocks & PIR's. These shud be treated more like MTO Orders.

To that end I was thinking of creating a Z* strgy which will have Plng Strgy 40 as the main & 20 as the 2ndary strgy. So, when a large hit Order comes in, by switching the Item cat/Sched Line on the Sales Ord, the Reqt Type for the Strgy 20 can be called there by not letting the order consume out the PIR's.

Have 2 qns: 1 is there a better way to handle this & 2: How can I make Sales Ord not consume PIR's for a Spike order?

Any ideas?