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Feb 13, 2010 at 05:16 AM

Price Tolerances in PO and Info recored



We have configured 20 % + /- Tolerances for purchase price and set error message for the same .

We are in trading business and buy some items at too low prices even for 1 Rs per piece and next time we may buy the same for 1.5 Rs , depends on demand and supply situation . If we configure higher tolerances , it will be applicable for all items .

We maintain inforecords for our trading items based on our agreements ( agreed price) . This price may beyond the tolenace limits , as I said above.

I want that if Inforecords are available for the materials within validity period system should skip the tolerances limit for Material during PO creation

Logic behind that when info record is maintained for the material , then prices are already agreed with vendor and system should skip this general check of tolerances which is applicable for all other general purchases