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Feb 12, 2010 at 02:19 PM

HA enqueue ID changes when ASCS restarts, why??


Hello HA Gurus...

We are setting a sandbox system in HA mode to demonstrate that the

users can preserve their transactions context even when we have to

restart the ASCS instance, either on the same Host or on the second host.

On HostA we have installed ERP2006 SR3:


DB Instance


On HostB we have installed:



Before doing interuption, the ensmon shows that the ERS is

properly connected to the SCS:

Try to connect to host vsrs9scs service sapdp10

get replinfo request executed successfully

Replication is enabled in server, repl. server is connected

Replication is active

When we perform a restart of the ASCS10 instance, even if the user sessions are kept,

the transactions are reset. On the ERS11 work directory, the

file dev_enrepsrv indicates the following error message when ASCS10 restarts:

Reconnect: repl. table layout has changed, delete old one

And in fact, the number of entries in the replicated enqueue servers

are reset to 0 and the transactions are reset.

On ERS hosts:




trc file: "dev_eq_trc_856194", trc level: 1, release: "700"



Fri Feb 5 10:21:12 2010

WARNING: EnqId_EN_ObjShMem_Check: incoming EnqId checked NON-



WARNING: ObjShMem_CheckAuthoritativeEnqId: expecting RESET_ALL_TAS




OLD: ReqOrd.TimeInSecs = 1265383188

OLD: ReqOrd.ReqNumberThisSec = 20

NEW: ReqOrd.TimeInSecs = 1265383272

NEW: ReqOrd.ReqNumberThisSec = 2

LOG GZZ=> EnqId change, transaction resets expected !

LOG GZZ=> OLD: EnqId.Time = 1265314739

LOG GZZ=> OLD: EnqId.Rand = 503970

LOG GZZ=> NEW: EnqId.Time = 1265383239

LOG GZZ=> NEW: EnqId.Rand = 467156

WARNING: EnqId_EN_ResetHandler: Call_ResetAllTransactions

Any clue ???


Edited by: Stéphane Boutin on Feb 12, 2010 10:26 AM