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Feb 12, 2010 at 01:53 PM

Hiding Quick Help Link and Force Display Explanation Message



We are using the Talent Profile window in Talent Management and have added custom help text in the explanation hierarchy elements for each view using Floorplan manager configuration. The requirement is for this help text to always be shown when the user views the screen. Also immediately to the right of the explanation text is a link "Hide Quick Help". We would like to Hide/remove that link from the screen so that the users will not accidentally hide the help text in the explanation UI element. Now I have searched the forums here and saw threads such as Show explanation by defaul ("Display Quick Help")? and How to hide Display Quick Help and More Field Help and others. I have tried using the application parameters WDDISABLEUSERPERSONALIZATION and WDHIDEMOREFIELDHELPASDEFAULT.The setting WDDISABLEUSERPERSONALIZATION = X successfullyremoved the personalization options from the context menu. I tried WDHIDEMOREFIELDHELPASDEFAULT and if the user had previously selected "Hide Quick Help", setting this parameter to either X or space did not bring up the Explanation text when that user closed out of and then re-entered the application. Does anyone know how to force this text to display regardless of what the user previously selected?

Also I am at a lost as to how to get rid of the link "Hide Quick Help". Any help will be appreciated.