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Feb 12, 2010 at 07:11 AM

Guaranteed Delivery (i.e. Exactly Once) with Synchronous SOAP Call


In SAP PI 7.0, how can you make a Synchronous Call to a SOAP Web Service from SAP PI, yet ensure guananteed delivery from SAP PI. By Guaranteed Delivery, i mean that if the Web Service throw's a SOAP Fault, or there is a communication problem, SAP PI will retry the call at a later time.

By Synchronous call, I mean SAP PI SOAP Adatper makes an HTTP/SOAP call to an External Service and holds the connection till the response is received back from the Web Service. It needs to by synchronous in the same call as we require to process the response received back from the external web service and log the result.

Is this possible, as it sounds like Best Effort (no guarenteed delivery) = synchronous , and then EO and EOIO is asynch? How can there be no synchronous guaranteed delivery?

Any prompt assistance would be appreciated.

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