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Feb 12, 2010 at 12:45 AM

ALV is printing for every instance on GET evet



I would appreciate your help and inputs on the following problem I'm facing.

I'm trying to print certain employee information to ALV.

I'm using HR logical database PNP.

The problem I have is that the ALV is being generated for every different employee and i want it just to be printed at the end when all the internal tables were filles and the GET process is finished.

What might be my problem?

this is the piece of code:

GET pernr.
  CLEAR itabname.
  IF r2 = 'X'.
    itabname = 'IT_PRESTAMO'.
    PERFORM completar_tabla_prestamos.
    PERFORM generar_catalogo_campos_alv USING itabname.
    PERFORM crear_eventos CHANGING gt_events.
    PERFORM crear_comentario  CHANGING gt_list_top_of_page.
    PERFORM mostrar_alv TABLES it_prestamo.

PERFORM completar_tabla_prestamos: fills the internal table

PERFORM mostrar_alv TABLES it_prestamo: call REUSE_ALV_LIST_DISPLAY function module.

the other routines are for generating ALV header , format, fielcatalogue and so on...