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Feb 11, 2010 at 03:32 PM

Depriciation Run... Error



Initialy user had created a Asset "W" in class "PROD-Plnt & Mchn Mn" class = 3100. deprication key = Zp01 WAD 10% depricitation.

As currently we are in the phase of plant installation, ( capital work in progress ) and not wanted to charge deprication.

after this we think we should not create assets in that class.

for this user created two new assets A & B . and transfer cost to A & B from Asset "W" .

Assets. A & B. class = 7200 "A&G-AUC-Plnt/Eqpmnt" \ Capital work in process.

while transfer cost to A & B assets from Original Assets "W" or while Creating new Assets "A & B" Deprication key changed to Zp01 WAD 10%

By default is

For class 3100 = depriciation key is 10% deprication rate

For class 7200 = depriciation key is 0 % deprication rate

Then user post Deprication Run for period 06 2010. in back ground . it post all deprication value except these two Assets "A & B" .

next month when user try to post Deprication run for period 07 2010. Receive error "The last posting run in period 06 2010" was terminated by an error, before more posting restart the posting frun for period 06, 2010.

Now problem in two assets. A & B. class = 7200 "A&G-AUC-Plnt/Eqpmnt" \ Capital work in process. Deprication key = 0000 No depriciation no interest.

when i do Deprication Run , with Restart mode, Test Run for period 06 2010 . it gives error on these two assets A & B.

""When creating the accounting document, the system could not find account 'Acc.dep. accnt.for ordinary depreciation' in depreciation area 01 for company code XXXX "

when i gave GL Account in Assign Account. then deprication run started giving error on more assets . did't understand.

how to resolve this. where we are doing mistake. ?? how we can ignore these two assets A & B . Right now we not want to charge deprication ( because currently these assets A & B are in the phase of capitalization\installation