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Feb 11, 2010 at 10:49 AM

Interactive Form problem


Hello all,

I developed an Adobe Interactive Form, through SFP transaction, which shows the technical data of a product with many photos (logo, product image, accessories, and others) loaded with URLs from the Content Server. Then, we also created an ABAP report which ask for the product number, retrieve all product data and call the interactive form with it.

The program works fine with most of the products, but in some cases, it returns an exception and not opens the form. It seems that fails when there are too much images loaded in the form. Debugging, if I remove enough URLs of images (any particular) from the parameters of the function module associated to the form before it is called, the form is opened correctly.

So, is it possible to be an ADS or J2EE memory problem? Maybe increasing the limit memory usage it will work? In this case, can somebody tell me how to do it?

Of course, i've executed the ADS tests (FP_TEST_00, FP_PDF_TEST_00, FP_TEST_03, rpData method, etc.) and all of there works fine.

Thanks in advance.

Debugging the ABAP program I've seen the errors that are being generated when it fails:

system_error --> ads_error --> SOAP Runtime Exception: CSoapExceptionFault : SOAP fault found in SOAP document /Transaction system failure in method rpData./<ns1 (100102).

And in the default trace of the j2ee server I can see this list of errors (in order) every time it fails:

Service XMLFormService: Native process (PID=2460) G:\usr\sap\NW1\JC01\j2ee\os_libs\adssap\XMLFormService\bin\XMLForm.exe terminated abnormally with error code 128

Processing exception during a "Render" operation.

com.adobe.ProcessingException: XMLFM Exception during render: org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE;

Transaction OnPrepare on com.adobe.service.ResourcePeerImpl@43ae1811 failed.

org.omg.CORBA.COMM_FAILURE: Could not connect to host and port "host":"port"

[EXCEPTION] Transaction system failure in method rpData

Versions and patches:

J2EE 7.00 SP14

ADS version 800.20070708051308.406522