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Feb 11, 2010 at 08:56 AM

Reliability of BEx-Broadcaster - Precalculation


Good morning experts,

we're currently doing our first steps with the BEx-Broadcasting Precalculation-server and experienced

so far that this product generally works - but is not very relyable. Excel-Process-hangs or endless running

batch-processes (for communication between BW and Precalculation-server) happen in 10-20% of the cases.

And bw-users are usualy not that amused when I have to tell them that 2 of their 11 important pr

So - could you kindly gimme some feedback if you made good experiences with this procuct (=precalc-server).

At the very moment this product seems to me to be a little bit "underdeeloped" and not really ready for productive business.

Thanks for your feedback in advance,

kind regards,