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Feb 11, 2010 at 08:17 AM

SAP Mentor not a mentor for me



I have noticed the SAP mentors initiative. But that is not intended to help the ordinary people, right?

In my free time I like to play the board games. Maybe you know what the asian board game of go is (or use chess if you like). There are the teachers, the study groups, the students, there is the mentor and a youngster relation etc. Reading through some questions especially about the career (and career shifts) makes me wonder why I cannot have my SAP mentor which cares for me. Me... and not one who is "only" oficially recognized as "mentor" and thats why we should praise him.

For example there was a guy who wanted to switch from SAP B1 to the big SAP (ABAP). If there were some "better/ formal" way to create some "groups" (like study groups/ exchange groups, whatever...) it would be an honour and pleasure to help him start with ABAP if he (or any other group member) would help me with B1 development, BW basics etc.

Yes, I know what you think. Why would one do that? But it would be the next step of the initiative going on on SDN, or not? Yes, you think I should get help from my colleagues at the project, my employer etc. But it would be (a) fun (b) imho next step of SDN (c) you would find people who want to share and honestly there are not many like this on my project/ job.

Please share your opinions. That is how I think about Web 2.0 and this social media "buzz" and how I would change SDN if I had a little chance.

Regards, Otto