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Feb 11, 2010 at 07:34 AM

Message server related


Kindly help me to understand on the below: (AIX, ECC6, Oracle 10.2)

I know that message server performs load balancing and co-ordinates communication between several instances... Now, if I have an SAP ECC6 system that has only one instance, the MS will be installed automatically as a service.

a: if I disable my message server, will it affect the system.. Ofcourse, the users connecting to the system will have to use the app server to connect directly; but will the system operations suffer ?

b: how can I start message server / dispatcher from the command line... the start profile says (Start_Program_00 = local $(_MS) pf=$(_PF)). If I execute, $(_MS) pf=$(_PF) (with substitution of MS as ms.sapSIDNO and _PF=profile path), will it start the message server and similarly the dispatcher and other services ?