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Feb 10, 2010 at 10:45 PM

CM02 Transaction is showing Capacity requirements in Hours


HI Guys,

I have a question in regards to CM02 transaction, Plz help me finding out what is wrong with it let me walk you through the step which I take

CM02 > Workcenter name> Plant

Click on Planning (Upper Left Corner) => Profiles > Option Profile and select SAPB023 which is Weeks (78)

Click on Standard Overview Tab (upper left Corner)

Select any one the week and hit Cap. details/Period

My problem begins here

IN Rem.proc column(Remaining capacity rqmts.for operation segment "Processing) it is showing as Minutes, however in Reqmnts (Capacity requirements) it is showing the same value as in Hour Unit with the same number for instance if the number is 30 min and Reqmnts column it shows as in hour.

Why it is showing Unit of Measure in Hours rather then Minutes and secondly, where this value is coming from.

Thanks In Advance.