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Feb 10, 2010 at 10:39 PM

Version Management for a standard SAP object/Prog.



We are upgrading the system to ECC6.00.

So, am looking the delta of a Standard SAP INCLUDE prog. btwn our old system and ECC6.00

So, I opened its VERSION MANAGEMENT of this INCLUDE, so, I noticed that,

User---- -TR/CR # --

Category (" "/I/S/U/) of the version

1)Z user----ZTRansport----- " "

2)SAPuser-- UPGRADE700 ---- "I"

3)PAuser-- -SAPKI30B07 ---- "I"

So, pls. let me know that,

- As its standard SAP object/Prog., How come (1) Z user has modified? Is this (a) TR is created bcoz of OSS or Modification Asst. operation? or any thing else?

- I can understood that (2) is created bcpz of UPGRADATION, is it correct?

- Wht is this (3) PA user? why the TR is having as SAPKIXXXXX? What scenarios creates this entry?

Thank you