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Feb 10, 2010 at 07:50 PM

Client dependent SCRIPT transporting to QA systems?



We hv clients like below,

clinet_gold (100- Gold clinet)

clinet_EU for Europe region

clinet_US for US region.

We hv a Z_Script_Invoice, meant (developed and using) for Europe region i.e. in clinet_EU

We r supposed to do changes (create TR/CR) only in clinet_gold (100- Gold clinet).

I got a requirement of fixing some issue in this script.

So, I made changes in the script in clinet_gold (100- Gold clinet), so TR/CR is created here in this client, fine.

Then, I logged in to clinet_EU >SE71 ->Menu ->Utilities >COPY FROM, I entered the selection screen fields and OVER WRITTEN the existing script, so that, my changes are reflected, fine.

So, now, the created TR/CR is released to QA, so, pls. let me know,

1) Where and Where I can see my changes in QA boxes? in perspective of clinet_gold_QA, clinet_EU_QA?

2) Or by default this TR/CR will get imported in ALL test (QA) systems?

Thank you