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Feb 10, 2010 at 07:49 PM

Passing data from Adobe Flex to BSP Application


Dear Friends

I have developed one application that takes the input from user and give it back to SAP system. If I need to receive the data from the SAP system it is fine I am able to read it from BSP XML URL.

I dont know how to send data from Adobe flex to SAP system... please tell me how can i utilize xml to do that. I have one constraint that i cant use webservices for it and Flash Islands as well ... i am supposed to use only xml.

Please advice me. if you can provide me any code will be more beninificial. yes I know in the book developing reach internet application by Adobe Flex from SAP Press has this thing in example. in last chapters.. under send method. but i dont have access to that book as well if any body has that book... the example what is mention there could be most suitable to my problem.

please reply me. your any help will be appreciated.

Thanking you