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Feb 10, 2010 at 03:52 PM

cumulative balance - which table?


Hi there, I am writing a fairly simple query from JDT1, but i can't find the cumulative balance column in either ODJT or JDT1. is it in a different table or is there a formula i should write?

thanks, my example query is below:

SELECT T1.[TransId], T1.[Account], T1.[CreatedBy], T1.[ContraAct], T1.[LineMemo], T1.[Credit], T1.[Debit], T1.[DebCred], FROM [dbo].[JDT1] T1 INNER JOIN OJDT T2 ON T1.TransId = T2.TransId WHERE T1.[Account] = '[%0]' and T1.[RefDate] between '[%1]' and '[%2]'