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Feb 10, 2010 at 03:33 PM

Change Selection Period problem


Hello everyone,

First post here on the SDN forums. I apologize in advance if this seems like an idiotic question or if this has already been answered - I'm unfortunately very new to SAP workflow management (and SAP management in general) and have not had any opportunity to be trained or otherwise instructed in how to do configuration yet.

Here's the problem: We have a new ECC 6.0 installation (upgraded from 4.6c as of last September) and just started using workflow for Purchase Order approvals a couple months ago. My Purchasing manager has noted that his Outbox in SAP Business Workplace (T-code SBWP, select "Outbox" from the available menu items) contains an inordinately large number of items and would like to limit the number of items he sees in there by date (it appears to be currently set at 30 days.)

I did a bit of online digging and found that this should be easily doable by clicking the "Change Selection Period" icon.

Trouble is that icon does not appear where it should on his Outbox screen (not even greyed out - it simply isn't there), or anyone else's in the company for that matter. Nor does the icon for "Change agent." So my question is...where do I go to change the configuration so that those icons appear?

Again, I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum or if I am using terminology that is incorrect or there is some other method to get this done that I am completely oblivious to. Unfortunately, I simply don't know any better just yet.

Thanks in advance.

-Dave Melanson