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Feb 10, 2010 at 03:18 PM

Input Layout - Japanese Yen Conversion


Hello Experts

I have an input ready layout in IP. My key figure is a standard sap KF 0CS_TRN_LC - Period Value Local Currency with a currency key 0CURKEY_LC. The currency key is linked to a variable which allow the user to input the local currency when opening the layout.

The problem is when I post Japanese Yen this is a currency with no decimal places and my postings go to the input ready provider moving the two decimal place. So a 1000 yen in the layout gets posted to 10 yen in the provider.

The local currency posting should look TCURX which defines the the number of decimal place for currency.

This should be standard SAP functionality, am I missing a setting somewhere, never had to post japanese yen before.

Thanks in advance