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Feb 10, 2010 at 02:34 PM

Check for print overflow on blank paper 2007A SP01 PL9


Hello experts,

Checks for print preferences are set to use check stock and overflow on blank paper. Using US localization stub-check-stub system PLD, 2007A SP01 patch level 9.

Is it correct system behavior that if a check meets the overflow criteria that only the check face prints on the check stock (nothing prints on the stubs), then all payment details are printed on on blank paper?

Example max lines is set at 14 in print preferences (house bank setup takes default paper type, max lines not set). With an outgoing payment of 17 rows

page 1 - check stock paper, nothing on stubs, check face prints correctly

page 2 - blank paper, 14 rows print at top of page in same dimension as if check stub

page 3 - blank paper, remaining 3 rows print at top of page

We thought that on page 1 for check stock it would show the 1st 14 rows on the stubs, along w/ check face, then on page 2 overflow blank paper print the remaining 3 rows.

Is this correct behavior or am i missing a setting. The note below leads me to believe this behavior is incorrect?

Thanks for your help.

Below is note 1243597

in cheque print all detail print on over


To print the overflow check details on blank paper, choose the "overflow blank paper" option in per document tab of the print preferences for "checks for payment" and set the maximum lines limit. However, all the printing details are displayed in the blank paper instead of the check stub, violating the maximum lines criteria.

Other terms

overflow check details printing

Reason and Prerequisites

Application error.


This issue will be fixed in patch of 2005 A SP01. Please refer to the info.txt file on the Service Marketplace to confirm.