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Dec 05, 2018 at 11:38 AM

SAP Work Manager 6.5 Error in work order confirmation unit


SAP version: 1709 , Work Manager version: 6.5.1 V1, Agentry: v70.16.0.1

I am facing issue in performing work order confirmation from SAP Work Manager 6.5. Let us assume that I am sending a confirmation from work manager against an order for 12 Hours.

It is assumed that the format displayed in HH:MM:SS. Also one can observe that start and end time are 12 hours apart.

After performing the transmit, it is updating as 12 min in S/4H backend.

From above screenshot it is clearly observed that in backend it is updating as minutes. Similarly if confirmation is sent as 10 Min, backend is getting updated as 0.2 Min. 10 divided by 60 is 0.16. The value is rounded off to 0.2. Basically the decimal point is getting shifted to the right.


1) What might be the possible reasons for change in unit?

2) Is there any config in work manager/Agentry to set it to H without any distortion?

Analyzing BAPI/Classes involved showed us that unit 'MIN' is getting uploaded by default.

Also I was able to find a note regarding the same (2137792 ), which talks about MIN is set by default.


sdl6w.png (61.1 kB)
xkk5x.png (135.6 kB)