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Feb 10, 2010 at 12:08 PM

Incorrect BUDG System status


It is requested to share your expert suggestions in the problem as below.


Project structure

WBSA u2013 Level 1

WBSA1 u2013 Level 2

WBSA11 u2013 Level 3 (Account Assigned with Inv Profile)

Network Hdr (assigned to WBSA11)

Network Internal Activity (assigned to WBSA11)

Material Comp. (assigned to NWA)

Budgeting happens through IM

A) After project creation, User follows the following process u2013

1. Assigns WBSA1 to position ID of Inv Prog

2. Goes to IM52, assigns budget to WBSA1


4. Release the Project in CJ20N.

B) After doing the above process till step 3 above, the user realizes that the position ID was assigned to a wrong WBS. So

1. She goes to IM52, returns the budget assigned in step 2

2. Goes to CJ20N, deletes the assignment of Position ID of WBSA1.

3. Assigns Position ID to WBSA instead.

4. Goes to IM52, assigns budget to WBSA.


6. Releases the Budget.

Now, because of Steps A1 to A3, the Project has the System status of WBSA1 as REL BUDG AVAC with a Zero Budget (step B1) and System status of WBSA as REL BUDG AVAC with Budget (Say 1XXX) because of Steps B3 to B6.

The problem begins when a purchase requisition is being created for a Material Comp. While saving, project Availability Control looks at WBSA1 as it has the BUDG status, finds there is no budget and throws an error of budget exceeded for WBSA1 due to NWA. As I understand, if the BUDG status did not exist for WBSA1, it would have looked for budget in WBSA and there would have been no error.

I have tried OPSX for the WBSA1 to get rid of the BUDG status. However, the status is not being reset, probably because it has been budgeted through Investment Management. And, therefore we are not able to create PRs or any other transactions leading to assigned fund on the Activities.

Expert comments requested.