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Feb 10, 2010 at 11:59 AM

Return Sales Order - And its Status


Hello Experts,

I have a question in the sales returns scenario.

Step 1: I Create a sales order ( With two items and delivery full ) and perform steps till billing ( invoice ).

Step 2: I Create Return sales order with reference to the first sales order but i take Only one item to return.

Now the status of the return sales order is Being Processed.

Step 3: I create a complete ( deliver full quantity of the item ) return delivery with reference to the return sales order and save the document. Now still the return sales order is in status Being Processed. Ideally i should have been Completed.

Step 4: I do the Goods receipt for the return delivery. Now also the status of the returns sales order is Being Processed instead of Completed

Kindly suggest any way to control the status of sales document or is this the ideal way( if so what's the functional purpose behind this ? ).

Is this because the billing block is still set in the Return sales order ?