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Feb 10, 2010 at 11:27 AM

SBO native support of x64 => Question for SAP


Hi all,

I would like to now if SBO will support natively x64 servers soon.

Indeed, their is a tip to compile the programs for x64 and x86 machines, but it is not solution. Using this solution, we need 1 server installed on x86 machine and 1 server installed on x64 machine and to test the installation on each machine.

Moreover, today all the servers sold, are x64 servers (and Windows 2k8 x64), so it does not make sense to have to change the compilation mode in VS.

Last point, Microsoft NAV, AX, Sage, Compiere, ... are all x64 compliant! So why SBO is not ?!

If making SBO x64 compliant is not planned before June, I will probably inform my customers that SBO is NOT x64 compliant.

Thank you.