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Feb 10, 2010 at 09:43 AM

CO reports Currency


Hi All,

We activated CCA, PCA and COPA in our client. Now the questions come to decide what should be the currency for Operating Area currency and Controlling Area Currency.

Let's say we take the decision of setting up Operating Area currency with JPY and Co Area currency in USD; and Company Code Currency is USD. Now the client wants to see all kinds of CO reports in JPY and USD.

In COPA report, can I see the figures other than Co Code Currency and Operating Area Currency (JPY)?

In Cost Center report, can I see the figures other than Object Currency and Co Area Currency (USD)?

Can I have a different Object Currency in Cost Center master data than the Company Code Currency? What's the impact?

What's the consideration upon setting up a different currency for "Local Currency for Profit Center Accounting" (Let's say if I set this up as EUR)?

It would be good if I can get more inputs and other points to consider upon deciding what should be the currency for operating area and controlling area.