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Feb 10, 2010 at 09:00 AM

Order quantity should be reduced but must not be increased



The issue is very much related to my earlier thread :-

[Contract Quantity not updated after assigning Reason for Rejection in Order;

Now to resolve this issue we need to keep the Message V4 096 as "warning", presently we set it as an "error" message. Now as soon as we make it as warning message, user will be able to either increase or decrease the quantity of Sales Order. But our requirement is that User should be able to reduce the quantity of Sales Order but can NOT INCREASE the quantity of sales Order.

which is there while creating the Order. so reduction of quantity should issue a "warning " message whereas increase in quantity must give an "error" meassage.

Please guide me how can I achieve my above said requirement. If some exit is required then please let me know the exit.

Thanks and Regards

Amitesh Aannd