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Feb 09, 2010 at 02:54 PM

VLMOVE 321 with nested Handling Unit



I have the following situation:

- Handling Unit active

- WM active (with Storage Unit)

- QM not active

I have nested HUs:

.1 HU001

...2 HU002

......3 Material A, Batch B1, quantity 10 pcs in inspection stock

...2 HU003

......3 Material A, Batch B2, quantity 20 pcs in inspection stock

In WM, I have only HU001.

The first question is: Is possible to manage lower-level HU as Storage Unit in WM? I mean, can I have HU002 and HU003 as storage unit number instead of HU001 in WM?

The second is: when I try to post HU002 to unrestricted-use stock (with VLMOVE 321), SAP posts the higher HU in unrestricted-use stock, changing also the stock of HU003 (Material A Batch B2).

I don't want it because Batch B2 isn't inspected!!

I think that I could unpack HU001, posting change to HU002 and then repack, but this process is very time expensive and it should be done automatically by interface from an external LIMS.

Have you got any idea?

If I activate QM-IDI interface (with inspection lots), could it be possible?

many thanks