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Feb 09, 2010 at 01:46 PM

[Network disconnection] Session Management & Locks



I am posting in Web Dynpro ABAP but the subject may apply to all (stateful ?) Web technologies (ITS, BSP, WDA, WDJ, ...), I guess.

Let's say you have a very bad network and that you lost the connection to your SAP system very often.

The session on the SAP system stays alive as long as the (client) timeout is not reached.

This means that the locks that have been set are also kept during this time.

If the same user got a new connection, he/she should be able to release previous locks and start again whatever process he/she was working on (I am not saying from the same point in time though...) 😉

Problem is that even if you detect it is the same user accessing the very locked object, the DEQUEUE functions are not going to work since he/she has started a new LUW (Logical Unit of Work)

What are the best ways to handle this situation?

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

Best regards,