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Feb 09, 2010 at 01:41 PM




Need some help please. I have configured a RFC to SOAP scenario to call web service. The web service is developed using Axis. I configured the SOAP receiver comm channel - specifying the SOAP action, but It is failing with the error that soap action is invalid.

So I tried to change to use SOAP Axis - but this requires deployment of the SOAP Axis adapter. We are using XI 3.0. Somehow the basis guy is still unable to get the Axis adapter up. When i tested using the axis servelet, it is showing error with 3 missing components...

Qns : is it possible to just use SOAP receiver comm channel to call Axis web service? if yes, how may it be done? I compared the XI request vs sample request (using soapui) : the soapui request has this xml tag :

<Ser : name of the webservice operation>.

<data of the request>


But the XI request is missing the <ser> parts. Is it possible to add this in using SOAP adapter?

Thanks for any advice.