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Feb 09, 2010 at 12:20 PM

Hierarchy Authorization doesn't work for MDX but works for BEx Query.


Hi Experts,

I'm experiencing some issues during testing the importing of SAP authorization in B.O.

For simple characteristic seems to work fine but for hierarchy authorization I'm in stuck.

I'm testing a webi report and corresponding universe is based on BEx Query.

BEx query have authorization variable on 0PLANT and 0PLANT__COUNTRY (that have hierarchical display activated). Both auth variables are in "Chracteriscic Restrictions"panel and are not input enabled.

In rows I have only 0PLANT__COUNTRY and in columns two key figures.

Authorization settings for my test user are "*" for 0PLANT and "Only selected node" for the node FR (France),Hierarchy Level 0, Validity Range 2 for 0PLANT__COUNTRY.

Testing BEx query with that user, I get expected result (Only a row for France).

Corresponding webi report have only dimension Level 04 of Country hierarchy (corresponding to country level) and the two key figure as measures. Then running report with corresponding test user I get only header of the report (so logon works), without any row.

Then I tried to run corresponding MDX through "Execute As" Analysis of transaction RSECADMIN. Also here I get only header. Comparing Authorization Checks Log that I get from running MDX with the one obtainbed by running BEx query, they are different.

Hope someone of you guys can help.

Kind regards.


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