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Former Member
Feb 09, 2010 at 11:34 AM

Ehancement Spot for Vendor Down Payment Request F-47



I am trying to post a DP Request to Vendor with reference to a PO Document, which consists of various taxes. PO Base amount is 150 and Tax value is 25. When I am trying to pass a DP Request for more than 150 system is giving the error message "Order Value will be exceeded". Message Number is F5373.

If I change this error message to warning system will throw a warning message if the DPR value exceeds 150. I can proceed further but it will not restrict if another DP Request with reference to the same PO is passed.

How to restrict the system to accept only one Down Payment Request with reference to any given PO ?

Are there any user exits to be used ? if so please let me know. Also the enhancement spots in order to control multiple DP Requests against the same Purchase Order.

Thank you