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Feb 09, 2010 at 06:46 AM

Deletion of absences (infotype 2001) after payroll processed


Hi Experts,

I am able to delete an absence (PA30 infotype 2001) even if it was created long time back. The situation is as follows:

Employee had absence quota of 30 days (PA30 infotype 2006) and he applied for leave of 15 days. When leave was created his absence quota reduced to 15 days. He was paid leave salary through off-cycle workbench. Everything got settled. After couple of months a user opened infotype 2001 and deleted the 15 days leave (which was created earlier and settled) and the same employee's absence quota is increased to 30 days again (although he has already utilized 15 days). This is not logical. SAP should not allow the deletion of a settled leave.

In the normal situation the user should be able to delete the absence. But once the payroll is executed and everything is accounted, then deletion should be restricted.

Waiting for a good solution.


Waqas Rashid