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Feb 08, 2010 at 06:50 AM

A customized screen added to Sales Order Processing is not opening in dev.


Actually In production when I am saving a sales order after editing through T-code VA02, then at save button an user exit is implemented which in turn calls a include ZXVVAU05 from where a customized screen is opening through a z- transaction code (for all this the reqd code is done in the include itself,which is tracked in debbuging also in prod.).but the same thing is not happening in the development server even though I have created the includes which was not there earlier .Infact in debugging also the cursor is not going to that particular include and directly saving the sales order without opening that customized screen.I hope my issue is well conveyed to you all.Please suggest any suitable wayout to resolve it. The function-pool(not program) which is called during clicking of save button 0f sales order screen is 'SAPLXVVA' the flow is like that:

function-pool SAPLXVVA -> Include LXVVAUXX -> Include LXVVAU05-> Function Module EXIT_SAPMV45A_003 (in the source code tab of this FM an another includeI ZXVVAU05 is called) that iinclude ZXVVAU05 is calling a z-transaction code

and that transaction code is calling a module-pool z-program at which the screen is attached.Now if I put break-point at call transaction statement in the iinclude ZXVVAU05 in the prod. it is tracked but this is not happening in dev that's why the customized screen is not coming and sales order is directly saved in development .Looking for your valuable opinion.