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Feb 07, 2010 at 01:08 PM

Interest adjustment reversal not updating Facility Drawings



If we have an assigned facility to an instrument, then as we fix interest adjustment the drawings gets updated and on subsequent reversal of the interest adjustment in table VTBFHAPO table the flow is changed to Flow blocked for posting with a PB reason as Activity reversed, the data from facility table VTB_ASGN_POS does not get deleted. Hence it will show as a drawing under profile tab for those periods even though the Instrument is termed to end well before that. Is this is a SAP program error. Or is there any way it can be handled.

Some technical analysis is also put underneath.

Function pool SAPLFTR_ASSIGNMENT includes LFTR_ASSIGNMENTF01 which inserts into / modifies table vtb_asgn_pos which is the table containing the details of drawings on any facility assigned to a financial transaction. Do you know in any case if any of the transaction flow is blocked for posting due to the Posting block reason Activity reversed does this program modify the table correctly?