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Feb 07, 2010 at 10:02 AM

Regarding customer master data interfacing from BI to SCM


Hi All,

We have a strange situation regarding customer master data interfacing from BI to SCM.

We have implemented a project in which we take customer master data and its attributes from 2 info objects into 2 PSAs in SCM and later into one consolidated customer master info object. Later in another step on the consolidated info object, we will assign some accounts information and these accounts information will be used to assign the sales order quantities to the accounts when sales orders are loading from DSO to infocube.

Till now we are interfacing Brand 1 (nearly 2 millions) customer master data from BI to SCM. now we are rolling out another brand and need to interface its customer master data which is in same volume. The strange situation is that one customer is existing in 2 brands and on 2 different sales orgs. But the problem is that the consolidated info object in SCM is not based on multiple key fields. It is having only customer number as the key field and not any other key fields like sales orgs etc..

In BI Info objects, one customer is existing on 2 different sales orgs.

So the final problem is that when we interface 2 brand's customer master data from BI to SCM into the consolidated customer info object, we are getting only either 1st brand or 2 brand customer master ( basically we should get 2 entires here ) and impacting subsequent customers account mapping and other sales order flow.

So the final objective is need to get multiple entries in SCM based on multiple entries in BI for the same customer from different brands ( basically on different sales orgs)

My questions are..

1. How do I can acheive this without deleting existing brand 1 customer master data in SCM consolidated info object??

2. Can I add sales org as the key field into the existing consolidated info object? If so.. what are all the detailed steps and measures to be taken?

3. Should I create a separate info object for brand 2 customer master and repeat the same data flow etc?

4. Can I make use of compunding tab functionality in consolidated info object and add there sales org as compounding field? what is the real use of this tab?

Appreciate if you can give me good examples for this.. 😊

Best regards,