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SAP 8.8 over the internet

Hi experts,

I have a SAP Server in a LAN. The LAN is connected to the internet through a router doing NAT.

I would like to access my B1 Server over the internet and so i do the following steps:

-) Mapped the server Ports 30000, 30001, 1433 on the corresponding ports of the public ip

-) Verified the above ports are opened

I cannot reach the licence server, so I installed a network packet sniffer and I understand the problem.

The client/server handshake was the following:

1) Client do a request on <server-public-ip>:30000

2) Server responds

3) Client do a request on <server-private-ip>:30000

Point 3) is the problem because obviously a remote computer cannot reach the private Server IP Address.

So the problem seems to be that B1Licence Server send to the client it's private IP address (the only address it can know), for the subsequent transmissions.

Does anyone installed with success a SAP Client in a machine remotely connected over the internet to a natted SAP Server (without Remote Desktop or similar) ?

I think a VPN can be a solution but I will preferr an easier way, if it exist.

Thanks in Advance


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5 Answers

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    Former Member
    Feb 17, 2010 at 06:00 PM

    Hi Marco,

    We have recently upgraded to SAPB1 8.8, PL 05 (I think this is important) .

    We have the same setup as you, with NAT-Internet-NAT, and we have had the same struggle as you describe.

    We do forward ports (30000, 30001, 1433 and some more) on the serverside.

    We have used several (unsuccessful) methods to work around, basicly setting LicenseManager to:

    private IP

    localhost - denied

    local - does not work

    hq.tmnet.xx ( our public DNS for this machine )

    84.243.62.xx ( Our public IP, where ports are forwarded to the private IP)

    And, we have used similar combinations on the clientside.

    We have also added the public IP to the NIC ( Windows - network - settings ) , and hoped that the license manager should use this IP instead...;-) - No success, but parts of these settings can remain in our setup. (and cache)

    What WORKS, right now, iin our environmmnent , only 1 installation, and MAYBE with some sideeffect from actions above (everything is not cleaned up) is the following :

    Edit : C:windowssystem32driversetchosts on THE CLIENT you wish to connect.

    1. Copyright (c) 1993-1999 Microsoft Corp.

    2. Det här är HOSTS-exempelfilen som används av Microsoft TCP/IP för Windows.


    1. # källserver

    2. # klientvärddatorn x localhost


    TEST : CMD - PING WINDOWSSERVERNAME - Get a IPresolve onscreen. This step confirms that your hosts-editing was successful.

    USE WINDOWSSERVERNAME in your client-SAPB1 8.8 installation, when the popup comes : supply liccense server name.

    Thats it. (And its FAST !!!! B1 mas mostly Stored procedures, so it does not load the network a lot)

    I would be glad if somebody could verify this workaround.


    Göte Haluza, Teknikmejeriet AB, Sweden

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    • Former Member

      We had the same problem on our version 9PL11.

      We have a VPN setup which external users connect into to access our server. They have SAP client installed on their laptops. Over the VPN, it was impossible to connect until we modified the host file as indicated by Göte and it works like a charm.

      Funnily enough, I remember having to modify the client host file for a multidimensional software about 17 years ago, otherwise it couldn't connect to the server. This BI software has long disappeared from the shelves and the editor has been sold many times to bigger and bigger companies. The one before last was Business Object, who was bought by ... SAP!

      Pretty sad to see that SAP is not putting much effort into connecting the remote users.

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    Former Member
    Feb 06, 2010 at 05:12 PM

    Hi Marco,

    There is no easy way. RDP is mandatory for remote connection. Even VPN may not be enough to use B1.



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  • Feb 06, 2010 at 06:05 PM

    Gordon, thanks for the response.

    Why do you think VPN may be not enough?

    If I enable the VPN Server on the win2003 server, I should be able to browse the network like if I was locally connected.

    I should browse the remotes PC by theirs private IP Addresses opening only two ports on the router (the ports needed by the VPN client).

    The problem is that is not so simple configure the VPN Server, expecially if the server has only 1 NIC like mine.

    However, I will try to setup a VPN in the next days and I will post my progresses or my failures.


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    • Former Member


      A VPN is not supported by SAP. Which means it may works or not and also may varies from patch to patch.

      In SAP Portal you can get the list of the supported plataforms (like Citrix XenAppu2122 or VMware ESX. -> PRODUCT AVAILABILITY -> Deploy -> Supported Platforms .

      Paulo Calado

      SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Feb 24, 2010 at 11:05 AM

    Finally i could connect to B1 License Server through a VPN. The Client is OpenVPN, I donu2019t know yet the server VPN type but if someone need to know I can ask.

    So I put in c:windowssystem32driveretchosts the SAP Server private IP address and the connection is done correctly.

    The problem is that B1 Client works with a really poor performance, like said by Gordon: about 10 minutes to startup B1 Client the first time, and significant delays in normal work.

    Probably it depends on DSL Speed (and perhaps Server Load); my line is a 2Mbps, but really I'm not patient enough to use a similar solution.

    Thanks to Göte to point me about the possibility to ask a temporary (not one month for me, only 15 days, sigh) license.

    I will try to use this license and to renew it after expiration.

    Regards Marco

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    • Former Member

      Hi Marco!

      One of our customers has the same requirement to use only the LS (not the whole SAP) over the VPN, and environment is similar to your one. But still the LS is not available from SAP.

      >> Finally i could connect to B1 License Server through a VPN. The Client is OpenVPN,

      >> I donu2019t know yet the server VPN type but if someone need to know I can ask.

      Could you please let us know the environment details (VPN server, its settings, client settings, where is LS installed - on VPN server or client) and how it is set up (just replace the IPs with xxx/yyyy or like that).

      Thank you in advance!

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    Former Member
    Dec 05, 2013 at 05:13 PM


    I have similar problem with you, in which I cannot connect to the License Server over the Internet. If you don't mind, could you please share your solution? I tried to understand what userID Göte Haluza posted on the thread but his solution is a bit confusing for me. I am not Network Engineer.

    I appreciate if you can share your solution.


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