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Feb 06, 2010 at 09:01 AM

Concept of work area and how to add multiple record of same customer



I am new to abap filed, but i am creating some report, i have created a sales reg. report in this i haveused 6 internal tables and one internal table as a output , but i have not used work area concept i have dat in my all interbnal table and to display at out put by making loop in those table i have move the data to final internal table my report is coming proper but i want to know as i have not used work area concept so what can be the problem also what will be the advantage if i used work area concept in this report.

second : in internal table i have one column kunnr as cusotme rcode and 3 amount column net amount , tax amount and gross amount in detail report as per billing document for one customer like 2528 there are 20 records and so on for other customer as a summary report i want to report to display summary of each customer in this all 20 records of one customer and there respective amount should come in one row only as a addition of all 20 record how to do it i have all data in my final internal table.