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Feb 05, 2010 at 08:08 PM

Redirecting to external URL in web dynpro application accessed in portal


Hi All,

I want to redirect to external url (eg on click of button in web dynpro application, but I am accessing the application through portal.

I tried SAP's recommended approach


it works when i test web dynpro application separately but when I run it through Portal it gave me Error: saying use portal navigation when running inside portal and do not fire exit plug to navigate to external URL

2) so i tried

WDPortalNavigation.navigateAbsolute( "", WDPortalNavigationMode.SHOW_INPLACE,(String) null,(String) null,WDPortalNavigationHistoryMode.NO_DUPLICATIONS,(String) null,(String) null,(String) null);

this wont work as web page is not part of portal content's (Role/iview)

3) I also tried


again this work's when web dynpro application is tested standalone but when I run it through portal it doesn't work

please let me know if I need to follow some other approach to do this .

Thanks !