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Feb 05, 2010 at 03:50 PM

Weight unit issue in sales order which is being pulled from material master


Hello Everybody,

Since we purchase all our materials in quantity (EA) and weight unit in grams (G) from our parent company in Asia (Metric system) all the materials wt. unit is maintained in Grms(G) in the dimesions field in basic data tab in material master. But our customers are in US and needs everything in Pounds (LB).

I am SD guy and not much into materials, but I did some leg work and know that it has something to be with base unit of measure, alternative unit in additional tab. But my confusion is as following:

we have base unit of measure as - EA (in basic data tab) and Wt. unit as G in dimensions.

note: we also sometime use alternative unit as I box = 10 EA, and 1 Case = 200 Ea which is maintained in additional tab.

Now what we want is ., if we create a sales order for 1 quantity, or 1 box, or 1 case then the Wt. should be in LB. But when we purchase material from Asia, we want to get it in grams and maintained in grms in stock with us. But our all Wm reporting and outgoing deliveries(856) invoice(8100 shld have LB.

My try:

base unit of measure: EA

wt. unit: G

Sales unit: LB

Order unit: G

additional data tab conversions :

1 EA each <=> 1 EA

35.380 G g <=> 1 EA

77.930 LB US pound <=> 1 EA

1 PAC Pack <=> 10 EA

1 CV Case <=> 200 EA

But still in the order I am getting G.

All the guru's please help me out.

Thanks in advance and answers will get good points.