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Feb 05, 2010 at 03:01 PM

Data Services Training Options


I would like to hear from others what are some Data Services Developer Training options & feedback about which ones you have used & how good they are:

- On line

- Hands on

- 3rd party training offsite & on-site options ( Minneapolis, MN area preferred).

- Traning materials that could be used in house.

- Easy method/options to set up training environments.

Here are some I know of:

- SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Tutorial

Data Services Documentaion that comes with the client Intallation.

- SAP Training

E-Learning (Any feedback on these?)

[BOI305 - DI320eV3.0 - BusinessObjects Data Integrator XI 3.0: Core Concepts|]

[BOI315 - DS320eV3.0 - Data Services XI 3.0: Core Concepts|]

It seems hands on is the best, but it's a lot of work to set up the training environment

- Install on training machines full version, but don't want to violate license.

- Setting up MYSQL individual databases for 25 developers could take a lot of time & isn't really a corp standard here.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


Jay Roble